Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Finals

Sorry for the hiatus, the Spring semester swept me up and into its arms without so much as a moments notice. Several projects happening. Luckily since it is the end of the semester we are given more self directed projects. Here are a few process photos, taken quickly with my webcam. Hey, they are just process photos ;)
First of my cut paper monsters, more of a "what I learned" kind of piece.

Second try! I figured I should just make my own Collage pieces rather than hope that everything will fall into place. Paper craft, meet illustration.

Getting closer to final, needs some clouds and a final texture over lay. So much for a Matte Medium being matte...jeeze.
A quick piece I'm working on for Pinecone & Chickadees Monster Show. Starting on May 4th at Portland's monthly First Friday Art-walk.

And a sketch for a "secret" project in my illustration course. This one probably won't be used, I have two other directions to explore this week before I come back to this Dapper..thing.

I've also completed all of my forms and applications for either a semester abroad in Ballyvaughan Ireland at Burren School of Art or for the one month summer intensive offered there. Perhaps with a little post-intensive wandering. I do hope I get in, but lets keep a leveled head and not dreams, difficult! The Burren is beautiful, fields, agriculture and art in a historical setting and with the chance to get to some of the most famous museums.