Thursday, March 1, 2012

A little bit of everything

Its a snow day and classes/workstudy are cancelled for the day so I figured I would take a few pictures of the Art I had laying around the house. I sincerely thought I had more hanging around here.

But first, check out the snow! It's coming down at a good clip, I do not look forward to walking outside in it later, but it will be worth it.

 So here are a few figures I had stashed under my bed. I prefer the quick shading with lines in the 2nd drawing, but I suppose its more of a challenge to be 'painterly'. We had Mid Term Critique this week in Figure Drawing, and I need to work on finding the core shadows.

 Click the images to enlarge them :)

Then over in my Mixed media course we are working on 16"x16" compositions for an exquisite corpse piece. We are to make three compositions, but I only like this one. It will be a mix of colored pencils and washes.

I made a triptych of chrysanthemums a while back using complimentary colors in each of the different panels. Also, I drew Batman in a bathtub. I find the Art that I find the most enjoyable to make is making it for the purpose of making someone question either what you were thinking, make them smile for a moment or both. Some call it a shallow reason to make Art, but I'm not a very Highbrow person. Perhaps someday my sister can help me define things about my Art, she will be an art historian after.

Eventually I'll get these to my Mom.
Also, you should totally watch this music video. Enjoy the snow New England, it had to happen eventually, so why not March.