Monday, February 20, 2012

A Few Figures

This semester I get to take a figure drawing course. Its nice to get your hands on something tactile and dirty, although I leave class every time with my face covered in charcoal.  The figure is amazingly fun for me to draw, I hope that eventually we get to do poses longer than 20 minutes as the semester progresses, perhaps next post I'll show some gestural drawings, those are fun as well. We have had primarily female models, and these are just a few of the drawings, more to come.

Media: Charcoal sticks, pencils and dust and erasers~ January 2012 to Feb 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Crew

Meet the rest of the Captains crew. Once again, these guys are about a year old, but I am proud of most of their designs. Thanks for the Digital Animation Class MECA, you should have run it again!

This is Gramps, he's the Captains' roguish Father, he was the Captain of the boat before his son, Since he has paid his dues and lived incredibly long for a Pirate he expects to be provider for and basically worshiped. Once known as the Sea Pickle, Ezra Hathaway was a shrewd bargainer, a ruthless freebooter, and a man with a soft spot for puns.

Afzal Sah'Haal is a mercenary and in charge the crew. What they eat, when they sleep, who's on deck, not to mention his unique fighting style. He is a man of few words, but when he speaks everyone will listen.

 Lucinda Marion is the Navigator aboard the Hathaways' Galleon. Captain Hathaway found her in a Brothel in the islands and noticed she was quick witted as well as intimidating.

Silas Dobrou once tried to trick Ezra out of his winnings at a game of Aces. It ended in a city wide man hunt and a job offer to be Master of the Coin aboard the ship, only the new recruits will play cards with him.

And this is Zee, Gramps constant companion. He was brought aboard as a guard dog and was once vicious, loosing his eye to taking out a man attempting to take Grampa Ezra out with a mace. He now sits at the Captains table with Gramps and his son.