Friday, May 25, 2012


Told you all that the blog would be getting a little bit more love. I've been back in my hometown for a quick visit. Seeing some old Highschool friends, feeling the grass and sand beneath my feet, playing with the dogs and enjoying the enormous change from the Red Brick City of Portland to the greenery of a mild suburbia. I guess I will not have too much of 'culture' shock based on location when I first get to Ireland.

I love where I grew up, and feel luck to have gotten to grow up here, with the ocean and the mild island seclusion, but it being RI everything is only 45 minutes away and up until Highschool I could walk to my friends houses.

So here is a nostalgia post.
This is the house I grew up in.
And theses are the Puppies! Woody (the Greyhound) and Mya

Woody is a dope.
There always lots of birds. I like the mourning
doves the best...mostly because of their red feet.
This is Ling Ling, one of our ducks. he was hand raised and is thus
the only friendly one. He was to busy sticking his bill in
the muck to give me a decent picture.
Globe Allium

I do not this one, but it smelled like honey suckle.
The center of a large Lambs Ear weed

Bleeding Heart. Perhaps one of my favorite plants.
 On a more random note, our colleges Illustration department loaned iPads to its majors. And this is my attempt at drawing on one. Its difficult, the touch screen and pen (or my finger) are not a precise as a tablet and tablet pen, so it is a little frustrating. Its a little like compensating for a crooked barrel on a BB Gun.

I gt pulled back in tot he realm of super heroes for a little while after seeing he Avengers and being reminded that the final Batman movie is being released this summer. So here is a little fan Art for your day.

There will be more illustrations to support my lack luster photography soon enough :)  Next Update: Ireland and how much I can't stand air travel.

And now I'm sitting in Logan airport in Boston Massachusetts waiting for my plane which will take off in two hours... There was no one here, on the road, at security or even really in the terminal. It is very strange. I'm nervous and it's making me exhausted to even think about what I will be flying over and the intensive program that awaits me upon landing. <\img> So here a few miscellaneous pictures...Euros (€) look a bit like monopoly money to me!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summer Walks

Hey Everyone,

School came to a close two weeks ago and with finals ( all of which I passed with a B+ or higher) and interesting opportunities popping in and out of my life things got hectic. The blog will be getting more love starting early next week, the majority of the uploads will be photography for a while. This is because I was accepted in the the Burren College of Arts summer program located in Ballyvaughan, Ireland.

Its pretty exciting, being a program of environmentalism and art in a beautiful country. This is my first time traveling outside of North American and I think its also my longest flight ever.

Summer has come to Portland and it is lovely. I have been taking long walks after working in the offices here at MECA. The west end is my favorite, you get two blocks away from Congress St and all of the cars, vagabonds and noise just dissipate.

Here are some photos of interesting builds and things,  .I'm trying to get back in the swing of the Photography thing before my trip

This is the Church on Thomas St, its sweet and
continues to sprawl to the left hand side of the image.
Anyone know what this sweet little bloom is?

Along spring St I cam across this wonderful house. I just really enjoyed its location and design, especially the carving on the front door.


My walk eventually culminated in a walk through the Western Cemetery, I usually come here to read and enjoy the pine trees and silence. But there were mopeds there, along with he Ice Cream truck and a couple making out on top of a mausoleum, so I did not loiter too long. Although what time I did spend there I used to think, away from the clutter of my apartment and the noise of Portland's main thoroughfare it is far easier to think on subject that plague your mind.


Its interesting to think that these people never wanted
 to be forgotten and aren't....but have lost their names

Stones and Ivy

Anyway. These were earlier this week. by the time this entry is posted I will be back home in RI for a two and a half day stint before flying out to Shannon! It will be nice to get progressively more and more back to nature. Being couped up in a city (even a small one like Portland) can wear on your sense of space.