Monday, January 30, 2012

The Captain

 Meet Captain Hathawy.

This is a piece from about a year ago. I like working difitally with lots of texture overlays and characters you can give a story to pretty easily. I cannot write a story, but I can give a character emotions, tendencies and a little background!

He also has a crew, they will be coming later.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Color and Drawing: Mixed Media work

Here is a picture of a drawing I did tonight in my Color and Drawing: Mixed Media course. Even though it was an observation drawing I plan on tweaking a few things and getting a better handle on my colored pencils.

I apologize for the rough photo, it was taken with my phone, will update with better quality images soon!


Summer print experiment

"Tyger, Tyger"- Linoleum Print on water color paper, colored with liquid pigment water colors. 2011

 This is actually maybe the second linoleum print I have ever done. I'm pretty proud of it. I hand colored him though, thank goodness for water resistant printing ink.

The First Post

It is always difficult to write the first post on a new blog.... Especially one I hope to chronicle my final years here at school and into the future.

I suppose introductions are in order. I am half way through my Junior year of Art School, majoring in Illustration. I love character design, bright colors, silly ideas, but I would always prefer to be covered in charcoal drawing some figures.

The six classes I am attending this semester and those in the future will dictate the majority of the work put up here on the Blog. I'll scatter in a few sketchbook pages and processes here and there. If you want to check out my current work check me out at It has work from the past year and will get updated alongside this blog.

Its the start of the Semester so things are a little be prepare to meet the works of my past!